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Introducing the Bklyn Larder Picnic Pros

Headed to a picnic? Planning a party? Wondering which cheese goes best with a green lawn and some chilled rosé? Or maybe how the Argus Ciderkin compares to the Nine Pin Hard Cider?

Please allow us to introduce Kristina and Gizella, aka, our resident know-it-alls, keepers of the details and serious, serious Picnic Pros. (Yes, uppercase letters are in order.)

Kristina, our assistant manager, is the definition of delightful — and no detail gets by her. Can’t find something? She knows exactly where it is and is probably already wrapping it up for you. Gizella, our general manager, has been with Larder since day one. She’s wry and dry and really pretty magical. That cheese you had at that party that one time? She knows what it is. And she knows one you might like even more.
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Tuna, Egg & Anchovy

This is not a sandwich for everyone. It’s a sandwich for people who love the savories in a salad nicoise. People who love salt and umami; a mingling of capers, mayo and lemon; and a handmade bread that behaves under the tooth.

For our tuna salad, we use Flott tuna, which line-fishes Mediterranean Yellowfin Tuna off the Northern shores of Sicily, and hand cleans and packs the fish with extra virgin olive oil.

The Bklyn Larder Tuna, Egg & Anchovy sandwich begins with a Grandaisy Flauta that gets sliced down the middle and smeared with mayo on one side and drizzled with olive oil on the other. Then on goes Brooklyn’s best tuna salad, a sliced, hard-boiled egg, two whole, tender anchovies, laid end-to-end and a quick squeeze of lemon.

Have a seat in our window, close your eyes at first bite, and you’ll swear the Mediterranean sun is smiling on you.

egg anchovy top


Bklyn Larder Ham & Gruyere

Everybody Loves Ham & Gruyere

If Prosciutto & Butter is the quietest sandwich on our menu, Ham & Gruyere is the most outgoing — and for great reasons.

It starts with Berkshire pork (heritage breed, humanely raised) from Heritage Farms USA that we slow-roast in-house until it’s hugely flavorful and deliciously juicy. (And to that point, all our meats arrive fresh, never frozen, because freezing breaks down the protein and changes the moisture content, which reduces the flavor.)

We pair that juicy ham with Gourmino Gruyere, a cheese made by cheesemakers in the Fribourg region of Switzerland who band together to make one of the region’s most beloved cheeses from the milk of cows fed on their area’s alpine grasses.

Next, we take a spicy McClure’s Pickles and slice it thin.

When you order, we take ciabatta from Grandaisy Bakery, slice and lightly toast it, rub one side with garlic and give it a slick of mayonnaise, while the other side gets a smear of butter.

On go the ham, pickles and Gruyere (with the Gruyere touching the butter — insider tip!), the whole gets a cut with a sharp knife, and our visiting friends are in sandwich heaven.

We’d love to know: What’s your favorite sandwich?