Introducing the Bklyn Larder Picnic Pros

Headed to a picnic? Planning a party? Wondering which cheese goes best with a green lawn and some chilled rosé? Or maybe how the Argus Ciderkin compares to the Nine Pin Hard Cider?

Please allow us to introduce Kristina and Gizella, aka, our resident know-it-alls, keepers of the details and serious, serious Picnic Pros. (Yes, uppercase letters are in order.)

Kristina, our assistant manager, is the definition of delightful — and no detail gets by her. Can’t find something? She knows exactly where it is and is probably already wrapping it up for you. Gizella, our general manager, has been with Larder since day one. She’s wry and dry and really pretty magical. That cheese you had at that party that one time? She knows what it is. And she knows one you might like even more.
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Father’s Day: 5 Gifts That’ll Make You Dad’s Favorite

Last minute shopping? No judgment here. You’ve still got a few days to send dad a gift he’ll love. Need ideas? We’ve got lots, like these five. Just order by the end of Tuesday, and they’re guaranteed to arrive by Saturday.

Ultimate Food Club

This is the gift that keeps on giving — you can choose whether dad will receive it for three, six or 12 months. And that’s not even the ultimate part! We call it the Ultimate Food Club because it’s the best of all worlds. It’s a fantastic cheese, an incredible salami, a perfect chocolate bar and a freshly baked seasonal loaf cake from our in-house bakery (seriously, we bake them up for each order and ship them off the moment they’re cooled). Every month! In the summertime that might mean a strawberry coffee cake and in the winter a chocolate babka or apple cake.

In a world of bills and junk mail, there is little nicer than finding the postman’s left a recurring gift of the best that the food world has to offer. Price: Starts at $229 for 3 months of delivery.

2 A Jack Rudy Cocktail

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

We have been selling and drinking and thoroughly enjoying Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic for some time now. But we must admit, when the chaps over at British GQ named it one of the best tonics on the planet, we felt a bit validated. Or maybe just tipsy. Anyway, it’s a concentrate of quinine, from the Cinchona Tree, to which this family-run company adds a mix of botanicals and a touch of cane sugar.

This tonic is a gift in itself. But we’ve also become quite taken with Jack Rudy’s recipes. Include a jar of Luxardo Cocktail Cherries and/or some Scrappy’s Grapefruit Bitters, and dad is well on his way to a refreshing end to his holiday. Price: Starts at $22. 

3 The Brooklyn: Williamsburg

The Brooklyn: Williamsburg

The Brooklyn: Williamsburg

The Williamsburg is one of our most popular gift boxes and for great reason: It’s a touring taste of the borough, from Red Hook (Early Bird Granola) to the Navy Yard (Salty Road Taffy) to our shop on the border of Park Slope and Prospect Heights. Dad’ll think of you when he pours his morning bowl of granola, when he slathers Empire Mayo on his sandwich at lunch, and when he snaps into a bar of Mast Brothers’ chocolate after dinner. Price: $49 (ships FedEx Home for $10.99)

 4  Franz Heuber Cheese Apron


Franz Hueber for Bklyn Larder

The graphic designer Franz Heuber has a spectacular eye for pattern, composition and unusual beauty. He created a series of posters for us, highlighting some of what we do (gelato, sandwiches, beer, etc.), and one of those we turned into a sturdy, splashproof apron. It’s just the thing for grilling up sausages (we’ve got fresh ones if you’re in the neighborhood), avoiding the messes of dinner prep or preparing an evening cheese plate.

Bonus points go to anyone who sends dad the apron and the four cheeses it highlights: Swiss cheese, Roquefort, L’Amuse Gouda and Toma della Rocca. Price: Apron only, $25.

5  Snacks for Two


Snacks for Two

You can buy dad dinner, or send Snacks for Two — our most popular gift box, two years running. Anchored by two half-pounds of incredible cheese, it’s salty (salami), sweet (Medjool dates), tart (Wickles Pickles), umami (house-roasted almonds) and just a touch decadent (dessert is six housebaked chocolate shortbread cookies with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes).

It’s perfect for picnicking (it even includes a tote bag, for carrying everything to the park), or popping open a bottle at the dining table and making a meal of. Mom may thank you, too. Price: $129 (includes free 2-day shipping; only ships on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays). 

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

While there’s a place in the world for the grilled cheese of childhood, there are countless, beautifully melting artisanal cheeses that — add a big green salad and a glass of wine — handily elevate grilled cheese from nursery food to Sunday dinner.

Below are five nuanced and easy-melting cheeses.

In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day, April 12, each day this week we’ll be pairing one of these cheeses with our housemade focaccia (made from local, organic, stone-ground grains) for a sophisticated, one-day treat.

Additionally, all five cheeses will be 10% off at our cheese counter this week.

So come on over for lunch, or buy a slab of focaccia, a few pieces of cheese and a jar of pickles (or better, our prepared broccoli rabe, sautéed with garlic and chili flakes!) and consider yourself a patriot.


This gouda is born at the Cono cheesemaking plant in Northern Holland, where wheels are hand-selected and sent to affineur (that’s French for a person who ages cheeses) Betty Koster at the L’Amuse cheese shop. Betty matures them in an environment warmer than traditional gouda-aging facilities. The increased temperature during aging is one of many techniques that bring out deep, complex flavors that otherwise take much longer to present themselves.

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Celebrating Easter with Seasonal Favorites

Around here, we love a dark chocolate with red-wine notes and a black-pepper finish.

But some of the kiddos we love — far-flung nieces and nephews and grandkids — tend to have other ideas about what’s delicious. So for the first time, just for them, we’ve put together an Easter box that’s filled with treats baked in our kitchen, as well as sweets from likeminded makers who take pride in their ingredients.

We nestle in green paper grass:

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