Cheese of the Day

Sharfe Maxx

IMG_0054Animal Milk: Raw Cow
Origin: Thurgau, Switzerland
Consistency: Semi-Hard
Rennet: Animal
Rind: Natural

History: For three generations, the Studer family had been producing traditional alpine cheeses in the Swiss Alps near the German border. However, it wasn’t until the new millennium and the collapse of the Swiss Cheese Union, a government agency that encouraged the making of traditional cheeses such as Emmental and Gruyere, that the Studers were able to make their own new, and less conventional cheesethe Sharfe Maxx. Like traditional alpine cheeses, it is made from the thermalized milk of cows grazing on fresh spring mountain grass. Yet, unlike other alpine cheeses, the Sharfe Maxx has a shorter aging period, about six months, and is washed in a brine containing herbs. Thus, despite these strong roots in the alpine family, Sharfe Maxx is a revolutionary cheese with a more intense, somewhat funky flavor. The cheese is also made with the addition of cream to the milk, giving it a silky lushness.

Flavor: Savory and oniony, this pliable cheese is good for snacking, but better for melting. Let your grilled cheese take over the room, the hallway—your apartment building!

Pairings: Firestone Walker Union Jack, Engelszell Gregorius, Ichtegem’s Flemish Red, and Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge.

Store Cost: $26/ lb 

Montgomery’s Cheddar

IMG_0094Animal Milk: Raw Cow
Origin: Somerset, UK
Consistency: Hard
Rennet: Animal (calf)
Fat: 45%
Rind: Cloth

History:  Montgomery’s Cheddar began in 1911 when Sir Archibald Langman bought Manor Farm in Somerset, England with the intention of creating traditional cheeses. Three generations later, cheese continues to be produced on the farm by Archibald’s grandson—and world famous cheese master—Jamie Montgomery. On the farm, Jamie oversees every aspect of the cheese, from the grass in which the cows graze to the traditional use of calf rennet. The cheese is then hand formed into large 60lb cylinders and aged for a year or more, giving each batch of Montgomery’s Cheddar a unique, sometimes different flavor. The cheese has been lauded at competitions all over the world and Jamie himself was named Champion Cheesemaker of the World at the 2005 World Cheese Awards.

Flavor: Robust & full, this is a classic & historical cheddar. The fudge-like texture makes it a solid & sturdy cheese with which to reckon. Notes of grass, horseradish, & apple-like acidity make you want reach for…well, an apple. And some roasted meat.

Pairings: Eve’s Cidery Northern Spy, L’Hermitiere Poire De Normandie, de Christian Drouin Cidre Pays d’Auge, Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Pale Ale, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Freschester Pale Ale.

Store Cost: $29/lb