UK Beers

Landlord Pale Ale

IMG_0091Alcohol Content: 4.1% ABV
Origin: Keighley, UK
Type: Pale Ale
Store Cost: $5, plus tax

History: Founded in 1858 by Timothy Taylor in Keighley, UK, this bottled version of a classic British Pale Ale is perhaps one of the most celebrated beers in England.  Today, the brewery continues to be run by the Taylor family and prides itself on using only the finest ingredients. The malt is 100% Golden Promise barley from Scotland, the hops are of the finest grade, and the water (liquor) is drawn from a well feeding from deep under the Pennines hills. Combined, these ingredients create a classic, truly British beer, which continues to win gold medals at beer festivals throughout the UK and the world. In 2006 the Bottled Landlord took home the gold medal at the British Bottling Awards and in 2003 it won the gold medal at the International Beer and Cider Competition. Most recently, it earned a bronze medal at the 2013 Brewing International Awards.

Tasting Notes: A refreshing, drinkable Pale Ale with a malty and biscuit-y backbone, The Landlord also has a slight orange flavor with a palate cleansing dry finish.  Great for someone who enjoys classic English styles and is looking for something without all the hops.

Paring: As this is a light, drinkable beer, we recommend pairing with more pungent cheeses, such as sharp cheddars.

To take a virtual tour of their brewery and learn about their other beers, visit their website.